Your home's garage door likely gets used every single day. However, garage doors do not last forever and will need to be replaced at some point. Here are some signs that it is time to replace your home's garage door with a new one.

Excessive Shaking And Noise

A garage door is a large and noisy piece of equipment that will shake when you open or close it. While this is normal for most garage doors, you need to be concerned about excessive shaking and noise. This is an indication of wear and tear on the garage door that could require replacement. Hardware like springs and rollers can deteriorate over time, which results in the garage door being unstable. If you can't fix the problem by tightening components and adding lubrication, garage door replacement may be in your future. 

Frequent Breakdowns

How often do you repair your garage door? If you find that rollers are constantly breaking and hardware is not remaining attached, the only way to fix it for good may be to replace the garage door. These small repairs can really add up over time, which makes replacement a more cost-effective solution to your problems. In addition, your garage door will perform better and be more reliable in the end. 

Visible Damage

A wood garage door can have physical damage that is difficult to repair, such as rotting wood panels. Metal doors can have cracks and dents that not only impact the appearance of the door but contribute to the security and functionality as well. If the visible damage is also causing problems with how the door opens and closes, then the damage has compromised the door's structural integrity. Replacement will definitely be necessary at this point.

Outdated Safety Features

Even if your door seems to be working fine, ask yourself if it is capable of having the latest safety features of new garage doors. This includes the ability to reverse the direction of the garage door if it detects that an object is underneath it, or if something crosses the path of the electronic eye. This could be a huge concern if you have pets or kids in your home that could have their safety compromised by the garage door not having safety features.

Think you're ready to replace your home's garage door? Reach out to a garage door company in your area for more information. like Blue Valley Door.