If you don't know if you should replace your garage door soon, consult a contractor soon. A contractor can assess or inspect your garage door and the parts that support it. If your garage door isn't safe, a contractor can replace it for you. Below are things a contractor may assess in your garage door. 

Strange Sounds

Most garage doors open and close quietly during the day. However, excessive wear and tear or old age can make some garage doors sound abnormally noisy during the day. The noises can determine whether or not you need to replace your garage door soon.

A contractor will complete a sound assessment of your garage door for you. During the assessment, a contractor will look for several types of sounds during the assessment, including squeaking, rattling, clanging, and banging.

If your garage door squeaks or squeals during the assessment, the bearing plates, hinges, springs, and other steel hardware may be dry. A contractor can solve this problem by coating each piece of hardware with oil.

If your garage door makes a straining, rattling, or creaking noise during the assessment, a contractor may discontinue the inspection and recommend you replace the entire door. You may have damaged or weakened springs on your garage door.

Damaged or Weakened Springs

Garage door springs perform most of the heavy lifting for your door. If the springs begin to weaken, they can make straining, rattling, and creaking sounds. The sounds can get worse with time. 

A contractor will ask you to choose a replacement garage door for your home. If you can do so, try to select a garage door that comes with emergency or safety cables attached to it. Safety cables activate whenever the springs on a garage door fail. The cables prevent the door from closing unexpectedly to the floor. A contractor can discuss other types of safety features you can add to your door during the installation.

You may also need to choose a new garage door opener for your replacement door. An old garage door opener can wear down very easily under stress. The opener can make it difficult for you to open and close your door over time. A contractor can help you choose a model that works best for your new garage door. 

If you need help deciding whether or not to replace your garage door, call a garage door installation contractor and ask them to assess your garage door today.