If you have decided that the best thing to do with the old garage door is to simply toss it out, you will need to start thinking about its replacement. There are many different options to pick from out there so it can become overwhelming. However, not all garage door replacements are ideal for your specific needs. To help narrow it down for you, here are three commonly used types of garage doors:

The Sectional Garage Door

This might be the most commonly used type of residential garage door and it might be what you envision when you think of garage doors. The sectional garage door is made up of sections of panels that connect via hinges. As the garage door is pulled up and back, the hinges allow the panels to roll up into the rack. The garage door rests parallel to the ceiling once it is fully opened. 

Slide To The Side Residential Garage Door

This type of garage door might not be seen as much, but it is starting to gain popularity as more and more people discover it. It can be a great replacement door option if you are working with a tight space. This can be the ideal option for a garage that does not have a lot of height. You will not have to worry about having a motor, springs, and tracks above your head. If there simply is not enough room for a sectional garage door to be practical, then the slide to the side door can be a great option. The door is still automated and still has tracks. They are just simply installed along the side and the door moves horizontally instead of vertically.

Roll Up Garage Doors

This is a common type of garage door that is used in commercial spaces. However, you can get smaller roll-up garage doors that will fit your needs perfectly. Many find this to be the ideal option for those who cannot have a slide to the side door due to the layout of their garage and also do not have a lot of spare space near the ceiling. The slats in the roll-up door wrap around a drum when the door is opened, which takes up a lot less space. 

If you have questions, consider consulting with a garage door company like Shank Door. This will help ensure that you are selecting the best garage door replacement.