Your garage door works hard to allow you quick access to your home. It's easy to take your door for granted until it stops working. A residential garage door has several parts, so a lot can go wrong with it. If you're lucky, your door may never malfunction. However, you might experience one of the problems below and need to call a garage door repair service.

A Loose Track

Your garage door rolls on tracks along the sides of the door. The tracks are held to the wall with screws, and if the screws get loose, the tracks may shift and cause the door to rattle when it opens and closes. If you ever have a noisy garage door, check the tracks to see if tightening the screws makes it quiet down.

If the track is loose enough, the track could be damaged. If the track bends, the garage door roller might pop out or get stuck, and then your door won't open or close and you'll need to call a garage door repair service for help.

A Broken Spring

A broken garage door spring is one of the more serious problems you might encounter. You'll need an experienced professional to put on a new spring since they're dangerous to work with. A garage door spring wears out over time, and how soon it wears out depends on how much you use your garage door.

Residential garage doors are sold based on the number of opening and closing cycles they're expected to endure over their lifetime. The more you use your door, the greater the chance you'll have to replace the garage door spring at some point.

Bad Rollers

Residential garage doors have rollers that glide up and down the track when the garage door opens and closes. Some rollers are made of steel and others are made of nylon. The nylon rollers are quieter than the steel variety. A sign of the rollers going bad is when they get noisy. They might also jump out of the track. A garage door repair person can put new rollers on when your old ones are worn out.

These are three common garage door problems, but you might experience more difficulties with your door, especially if you accidentally hit the door with your car. When your garage door makes loud noises, shakes, looks crooked, or stops working, call a residential garage door repair service to have your door repaired so it operates safely again.