For homes that have a sleek, minimalist, and modern look, it makes complete sense to have a new garage door that matches the existing style.  Consider using one of these 3 materials for a garage door that will look modern and minimalist.


Having glass in a garage door will not necessarily be a security risk that allows others to see inside.  You can have glass that is textured, which will allow light to get into a garage while preventing people from seeing in due to the blurred view.  Tints can also be applied to the glass that limit that amount of light that is able to get in, but still prevent others from getting a clear view of what is in your garage.


Vinyl can be a very versatile material when it comes to a garage door, especially if you like the look of wood but hate the idea of doing all of the maintenance to it over the years.  Vinyl can be constructed in a way that simulates the look of wood, which will give you many of the perks with none of the drawbacks.  When it comes to cleaning the material, all you need to do is use your garden hose to spray it down.  Vinyl will not crack or dent easily, making it a great choice for a garage door material.


If you go with a garage door constructed with standard aluminum, the material is typically colored or painted.  It gives the garage door a look that may not fit correctly with a home that has a modern and minimalist design.  Thankfully, there are steel doors that have a shiny surface to them that will look great with the exterior of your home if it has existing metal work featured. 

Keep in mind that a steel door will attach by hinges on the sides instead of a hanging overhead door that rolls up. It allows the metal to have a solid look to it, being made with two solid panels of steel instead of multiple panels that connect with hinges.  Since this kind of door does require additional clearance for the door to open, it may be best for areas that don't see snow. This is because snow accumulation will cause problems with opening a swinging garage door.

For more information on garage doors that look modern and minimalist, speak with a garage door contractor like Overhead Door of NKY.