Your garage door secures your car, your home, and other belongings. Making sure that your garage door is working properly should be your priority. The following is a simple guide that will help you detect 4 common garage door problems. And you'll learn what might be the cause.

4 Common Issues & What This Might Mean

1. Garage Door Doesn't Move

Your garage door might not go up or down when you command it to do so. These symptoms usually point to worn or broken springs. Your springs should last a long time, but this does depend on use. They are meant to withhold a lot of pressure, which could be dangerous to you. So call your garage door specialist should you notice any issues with your springs, or try to fix it yourself if you feel you are capable. Remember that having the parts before your professional arrives might reduce the cost as well. 

2. Operates Without A Command

Your garage door opening and closing without you pressing the command might be due to a misplaced transmitter. Gather all of your controllers, and make sure they were not being toyed with by one of your children or a pet. 

Another reason why you are experiencing this rather eerie phenomenon could be that a neighbor is using the same frequency as you are. You can look in your owner's manual to change the frequency if you suspect that this is the reason your garage door is acting up. 

3. Door Refuses To Touch Ground

There could be a number of reasons why your door is halting prematurely. It could mean that your garage door is doing its job and reversing before crushing an element in its way. Check to see if you see any debris or toys that may be in the way of your garage door. The item could be quite small depending on the sensitivity of your garage door sensors.

4. Door Boomerangs After Hitting The Ground

Remember those sensitivity sensors mentioned above? They could be the cause behind the phenomenon of a door closing only to rise again after you press the command. Check your owner's manual to see if your sensor's sensibility is too high, causing your garage door to mistake the ground as an object that it should not crush.

There you go; you can conquer some simple issues now that you have a few possible causes of the aforementioned problems. For additional information regarding garage door problems, contact a business such as Overhead Door Of Akron