Garage doors are typically the most complicated and heavy pieces of equipment on your property. There are many dangers that are associated with garage doors that you must be aware of to avoid potential damages to other parts of your property and potential injuries to yourself, your children, and pets. Here are five safety tips to know when it comes to operating your garage door properly:

  1. Keep Buttons Out of Reach: If you have children, you want to be sure that the garage door operation buttons are kept well out of reach. The small remote garage door opener should never be left out in the open for your children to play with. After all, the more they press the button, the more likely your garage door can become out of sync and suddenly slam shut instead of shutting as it really should. 
  2. ‚ÄčNever Leave Partially Open: If you are working in your garage, it can be nice to have the garage door partially open for the breeze. However, this can be really dangerous, because there is more of a chance that the garage door can slam shut, as it is being held up with the high amount of pressure. The springs that hold it up should be fine holding it since they are made with such high tension; however, you never know when those springs could give out on you. 
  3. Know How to Use the Emergency Release: The emergency release is important to know how to operate. This is because, should you get stuck in the garage because the door is not working, you will have a way out easily. The emergency release will work differently for every garage door, so it's important that you read your owner's manual. The emergency release basically allows you to move the garage door manually. 
  4. Always Watch the Garage Door Shut: Whenever you shut the garage door, you should watch it shut. This is important because you want to be sure that it shuts all the way, and that nothing is in the way that will make it backtrack. You also want to be sure that if something is in the way and the garage door keeps shutting, you will want to take action by pressing the garage door button again to ensure that it starts moving back up. 
  5. Call Professionals for Repairs: If you notice any damage or problems with your garage door, you should be sure to call the professionals. They will have all the right placement parts and since they have experience with working with the high tension springs that hold the garage door open. They will know how to safely replace them when needed and ensure that the garage door does not collapse. 

By following these five safety tips, you can be sure that your keep yourself, your family, and your property safe.