Have you noticed that you garage door has been closing faster than usual? It is possible that the root of the problem stems from damage to the torsion springs, which must be repaired by a professional to prevent a safety hazard. Find out in this article what you should know about garage door torsion springs, as well as what a new door will cost if it is the problem.

What Should a Homeowner Know About Torsion Springs?

The torsion springs on a garage door are the most important parts that keep the door functioning as it should. Torsion springs are able to carry the weight of a heavy garage door as it moves up and down. Damage to the springs can cause the door to close too fast, and eventually one or both of the springs can break if a prompt repair is not done.

The torsion springs may be uncoiling because they are old. When torsion springs uncoil, they can cause harm to your belongings or your body if one of them breaks loose in the process. Old springs can also get rusty and stop functioning right. If you don't get the springs fixed, you may have to start manually opening the garage door.

You should not attempt repairing a torsion spring on your own because of the danger involved. Keep in mind that torsion springs are constructed with thick metal that is tightly coiled. If you attempt a repair, it is possible that one of the springs will sporadically start to uncoil, which can lead to it swinging into your body. The springs will usually uncoil with a lot of force because of the tension they are also under from the weight of the garage door.

How Much is a New Garage Door if it is the Root of the Problem?

If a contractor suggests that you get a new garage door, you can expect to pay a minimum of $400 for one. The door can cost up to $1,200 on the highest end of the scale. However, you can end up paying over $3,000 if you want a garage door that is customized. The overall price will depend on what kind of material the door is constructed out of.

A garage door can be dangerous when it is left unrepaired. Don't delay getting in touch with a contractor (such as Door Doctor Inc) to find out if the torsion springs are damaged or if you need a new garage door!