The garage door that you likely use every day probably does not get props for having so many hard-working components, and one of the components that probably works the hardest is the torsion spring system. Because it supports the entire weight of your garage door and makes it possible for it to be opened with the slightest effort, or even the push of a button, if the torsion spring breaks, it will definitely leave you in a frustrating situation with a garage door that will not properly function. Here are a few of the most common questions homeowners tend to have when their garage door springs snap.

Is there any way you can get your garage door open with broken springs?

The most frustrating part of garage door torsion springs that have snapped is the fact that your garage door may seem stuck closed. This is because there is nothing supporting the weight of the door at all. Therefore, if you must open the door, it will mean that you have to find a way to support the full mass and push it up. This can require more than one person if you have a heavy steel or wooden door, so if you have to open the door, use extreme caution and be sure you have someone nearby waiting to slip something beneath the door to support it once it is up, such as two heavy ladders.

How much does it cost to have the garage door springs replaced?

Every professional will charge different prices for this project, especially since garage doors and their components can vary greatly in complexity and weight. However, generally speaking, you should expect garage door spring repair or replacement to cost you something like $300.

Is it safe to do the garage door spring replacement on your own?

Most professionals do not recommend that you take a spring replacement project upon yourself unless you have experience and the right tools. These springs are not just any old metal coils. They are tightly compressed, and this tension can be hard to control during installation, which means it can actually be quite the dangerous process to try to get the springs in place. Furthermore, you will have to have something that can fully support the weight of the door during the installation process, which can also be difficult.

Your broken garage door springs may leave you with a few choice words of frustration, but with a little help from a garage door repair technician, you can have your door operating as it should in just a few hours. Talk to a garage door sales and service center, like Garbers Of Richmond Inc, for more information about broken garage door torsion springs.