There are many advantages to having an insulated garage door. It's relatively inexpensive and also a fairly easy project for you to do yourself. Here are the benefits and how to insulate your garage door:

Benefits of Insulating Your Garage Door

Insulating your garage door can help make it cooler in summer, warmer in winter, and quieter. It also makes the room that is attached to the garage more comfortable as well. It can help with energy and efficiency too. If you are someone who spends any significant amount of time in the garage, then insulating the garage door will be worth it for you.

Different Varieties of Insulation

There are many different kinds of insulation that you can use for your garage door.

  • Foil-Faced Foam Board: These stiff boards are able to add a high level of insulation without being too bulky.
  • Batt Insulation: This type of insulation is more pliable and usually consists of fiberglass.
  • Reflective Insulation: The boards are made rigidly with extremely reflective foil adhered to one or both sides of a board such as cardboard. Reflective insulation reverses heat making it more suitable for hot weather regions.

Choosing the Right Type for Your Door

Now that you know the different varieties of insulation, you can pick the right one for your type of garage door.

  • Flat Garage Door: Any type of reflective or foam board insulation works type with this type of garage door. Adhere the insulation to your garage door using glue or tape.
  • Metal Garage Door: This garage door is the easiest to insulate and can use any type of insulation. You can either cut the stiffer types of insulation to fit tight so they stay on their own or you can put the more pliable insulation type in each of the metal frames.
  • Wooden Garage Door: The best type of insulation for this type of garage door are the stiffer types. Fit the insulation in between each of the frames and double up the insulation to further manage your garage temperatures.

A Few More Tips

There are also pre-made insulation kits that you can buy that might make things easier for you. Also, don't forget that insulating your garage door can stress the mechanics of your garage door. This is easily remedied by having a garage door professional like one from Central Florida Garage Doors adjust your garage door settings.

Now that you know how to insulate your garage door and the benefits, you can get started today and make your garage more comfortable in most seasons.